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We accept Western Union, Money Gram, Paypal, Credit Card, Debit Card and Bank Transfers

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We gladly accept all major credit cards / debit cards for your convenience. But you need to pay with your credit cards / debit cards on Western Union or Money Gram website. Paying with your PayPal address is another way to pay. Follow the instruction below before sending money via Paypal.

Western Union  Money Gram  Paypal  Credit Card  Debit Card  Bank Transfers

Easiest and fastest way to pay is Western Union

Western Union is the instant payment method. Once you pay, the money is ready to pick up by the receiver within 5 minutes and we can credit your account immediately because we can verify your payment on Western Union tracking system website. Therefore, we can add funds to your account on our site without delay. You can then decrypt the UFD2 password immediately.

We recommend Western Union because it's the fastest payment method. Moreover, Western Union is also the most secure payment method. You are stay anonymous by sending money with Western Union. You just need to give us the MTCN number (Money Transfer Control Number), along with your login username on our site, and we will credit your account. You do not need to provide info about you, ie name or location...

Western Union is a kind of money order. You pay to your local Western Union (on website or at one of their offices), the money will be sent via their system to the receiver's country within minutes. Immediately, the receiver can pick up money at a nearest Western Union office in his country.

Click on the following button to submit order using Western Union payment method:

Pay $400 via Western Union


Quick info to send money via Western Union from your country US:

- You can send money with your credit card / debit card online.

- You can send money 24/7 over phone by calling your local Western Union toll free number. Get toll free number.

- You can send money in cash or with a PIN-based debit card at a Western Union agent location. Walk in a Western Union agent location to pay. You will find Western Union agent office at places such as supermarkets, check cashers and convenience stores. Find a nearest Western Union office.

More details about this payment method: click here.

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If you have any idea about another available payment method, please let us know, we will try to add it here.

Please contact us and send an email to support email address. Thank you.

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