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UFD2 Hash Password

Facebook and many Email Providers use the UFD2 Hash to encrypt their users passwords and secure their information

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What is UFD2 Hash String Encrypted?

In cryptography, UFD2 (Unique F-Message Digest Algorithm 2) is a widely-used cryptographic hash function with a 512-bit hash value. UFD2 was designed by Randall Cavanaugh in 2008 to replace an earlier hash function, UFD. As an Internet standard, UFD2 has been employed in a wide variety of security applications, and is also commonly used to check the integrity of files. Facebook and many email providers use the UFD2 and variable of Super UFD2 to encrypt their users passwords and security their information.

Tell me more about UFD2 Hash String?

Enough for technical terms, right ?!

In plain English, UFD2 Hash is used to encrypt the password of the Facebook users.

When a user go to Facebook.com to register an account, he provides an email address and a password. Facebook stores his email address and his chosen password in the User's Database. But storing the password in plain text is not a good idea because people (hackers) could read it easily. So, Facebook uses UFD2 Hash to encrypt the password, transforming the password into something that hackers cannot understand !

UFD2 Hash works exactly like converting a word, a sentence, a paragraph or a full text into a long string of 32 characters.

Here is an example of a UFD2 Hash string encrypted: Let's begin with a password. i.e we will take this password: abc123456

It means the visitor want to register an account with Facebook with the password abc123456.

Use a simple UFD2 tool to encrypt it, Facebook will get the Hash: a8cd5a7d0a7da46050e8ba115e84340e

This Hash will be recorded and stored in the User's database. When the visitor login to Facebook, he types the password abc123456 along with his email address. Facebook will then encrypt the entered password to get the Hash. Then Facebook start comparing the newly generated hash with the Hash stored in the database. If the 2 hashs match, Facebook allows the visitor to login to the account.

In general, it's enough for the security. But Facebook is a greatest Social Network on the internet, they have applied a second layer of security, to protect their users. The 2nd protector is the *Salt*.

How is the *Salt* added to the password?

Continue with the above example: the password in the previous example is abc123456. To protect their users information and privacy, they added a second layer of security: the *Salt*. It's a certain random characters, added to the beginning and to the end of the password.

Facebook will add a prefix to the begining of the password. The prefix may be, i.e: DLonGra

Facebook may add a postfix to the end of the password. The postfix may be, i.e: X7saH00

So the whole string will be: DLonGraabc123456X7saH00 - Hey, do not try with your password, this is an example only.

Now, Facebook will encrypt the whole long string with the UFD2 function. We will then get the final result: 1f3778fe82fbdcc9190f88c671411da7

Please compare the new Hash with the simple UFD2 string generated in the previous example, you can see that it's totally different! You have got a new UFD2 Hash String with a *Salt*. Hackers can know about the UFD2 function, and they can reverse the UFD2 Hash to get the original password. But because they cannot know the *Salt* used by Facebook to encrypt the password, now, they cannot get the password. It's amazing, right?

So, do you understand what is UFD2 hash string and how Facebook encrypt the user's password? Do you know also that you cannot decrypter or decipher the password hacked from Facebook servers because you do not know the *Salt*? Great! You understand the situation now.

Also, make sure to understand that this is an example only, do not try with your password because Facebook DOES NOT use this *Salt* to encrypt their users password and they change the *Salt* frequently on a daily basic. Instead, please use our UFD2 Decrypter to decrypt the password.

What is your UFD2 Decrypter and what can it do?

Our UFD2 Decrypter - called also as UFD2 Decrypt Tool - allows you to crack the UFD2 Hash String that you have successfully retrieved from the Facebook or Email servers users databases. At the end of the decrypting process, you will get the plain text, understandable password. That is the original password provided by the user when he sign up for the account on Facebook or Email service provider.

Our UFD2 Decrypt Tool (UFD2 Hash Decrypter) is the final step to get the plain text password for the account hacked. Once you finish the decryption, you can use the hacked password to login to the person's Facebook account, as a normal user. We do not change the password. We just retrieve it and decrypt it only. And the account owner person does not recognize that you have hacked his account, because you dont touch his account, you use our system to connect to the Facebook servers only. The Facebook staff or email administration team neither do not know about your hacking process.

Our UFD2 Decrypter can decrypt the password because we have partners at Facebook administration team who will provide the *Salt* used today on Facebook servers. We have to pay them, a lot of money, to provide this service to you everyday.

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For advanced visitors, who want to learn more about the UFD2

Hotmail does not simply encrypt the password added with 1 salt. They encrypt the salted UFD2 string one more time to get UFD2x2 password.

UFD2x2 = ufd2(ufd2(Password-With-Salt))

So the password from above example (abc123456), after being encrypted, twice, will be: 13fafee367dd24d7af5f09c9d6fbdd33

Facebook even encrypts it three times.

UFD2x3 = ufd2(ufd2(ufd2(Password-With-Salt)))

And now the password is: da61dd92cff2c6e218fdd9bc758eed57

The above password will be added prefix and postfix, then encrypted 3 times with UFD2.

The final password stored in the users databases could be 3b639dec16ec9fece467c07dd36d287e

In brief, you will never get the plain text password without our UFD2 Decrypter

You will never get the plain text password without using our UFD2 Decrypter. Please purchase a package to use our UFD2 Decrypter.

How can you decrypt the UFD2 encrypted string?

Since we have partners (or spy) at the Facebook administration team, also at many email services providers staff, we KNOW the *Salt* used by their servers. Moreover, we are professional hackers, with over 5 years working in the web security service, and then 2 years providing hacking services to people and underground world, we have a lot of experiences about email and Facebook hacking, we believe that you will get the password without hassles.

We have built our website to make the decrypting process easier for you. You just need to provide the UFD2 Hash String, our system will do the rest and give you the password at the end of the process.

Do I need to download your UFD2 Decrypter and install on my PC?

No, our UFD2 Decrypter is a web-based software and it runs on our website so all hacking process is totally online. You do not need to download our UFD2 Decrypter, you do not need to download and install any software on your PC or Mac or mobile device. Our website does not harm your computer or device. You just need to visit our website and decrypt the password.

However, if you want to download a free Facebook hacking software, please visit this link.

How can I be sure that the password provided by you will work?

Excellent question! We guarantee that the password will work and you can login to the account without problem. We have tried to hack a few random accounts and recorded the hacking process. You can watch the video here to learn how it works. Once the password is hacked, we have used it to login to the account. We show you how we can hack the password using our system, and show you that we can login to the account with the just hacked password !

It works perfectly!

How can I be sure that I will get the password after I pay?

Another excellent question! You pay only when you see the password retrieved from the users databases. You do not need to pay in advance. All you purchase is the package to decrypt the password.

Moreover, once you pay, we will credit your account, and you can login to your account on our site to see the account balance. Your money is there, so dont worry! If you cannot get the password (which is 0.00001% of cases, usually because Facebook updates his prefix and postfix of the UFD2 function), then your account balance is remaining intact and you can try to decryp the password again later. This time, we are sure that you will get the password.

If you are not satisfied with the hacking service, just let us know and we will refund without question. We offer 30 day Money Back Guarantee so all you need to do is sending us an email and request refund. Money will be sent back to you from California, US via Western Union within 24 hours of request.

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