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Payment info

Visit Pricing page and submit an order to get the price info and payment instruction.

We recommend you to pay with Bitcoin or Ethereum. You can buy BTC or ETH online with your credit card or debit card.

Then send us that BTC or ETH to our wallet address (Click our menu above, click Pricing and submit an order and you will get the instrucion)

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Once you have made the payment, please send us an email to inform about your payment to

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If you think that we should offer another payment methods, please let us know by email to We highly appreciate your suggestion.

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Contact our Support Team Leader

For urgent issue or if you have any feedback about the Support Team, please contact our Support Team's leader.

Make sure to put URGENT REQUEST in the subject of your email.

Support Team Leader: Ms. Jennifer Brady:

Tel support or WhatsApp support: +1 402 739 9222

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All other issues about your account

Please contact us immediately if you have any issues with your account on our site.

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Promo Code, Coupon Code

Promo Code, Coupon Code

If you have a coupon code, or if you are a returning customer, please contact us directly with the coupon code, we will set your account balance based on the coupon code provided.

Make sure to let us know via email to with the subject "COUPON CODE" to get the discount.

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Regular members can get support via email only.

Paid members (aka VIP members) can get support via email, chat support system and phone support. Our VIP Support is fast and available 24/7. It will be faster if you provide your email: you can text us all info to US 1 402 739 9222.

VIP customers can also contact us via private phone. We provide support via private phone call once you pay. If you dont get the private phone number, please send us an email, we will give you the number.

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State: California
Country: United States

Tel #: +1 402 739 9222

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+1 (402) 739-9222

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