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For urgent issue or if you have any feedback about the Support Team, please contact our Support Team's leader.

Make sure to put URGENT REQUEST in the subject of your email.

Support Team Leader: Ms. Jennifer Brady:

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To get the payment instruction, you just need to visit the Pricing page, submit the order and choose a payment method. Then you will get the payment instruction for your preferred payment method. We recommend to pay with Western Union or Money Gram because it's fastest and secure way to pay.

To get the receiver's name and address to pay with Western Union or Money Gram, you can submit the order on the Pricing page or contact our sales team:

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If you want to pay via bank wire, you will need the bank account and the receiver's info.

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If you send money via Paypal, you MUST give us the Paypal address to verify your transaction.

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Promo Code, Coupon Code

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Paid members (aka VIP members) can get support via email, special real chat system and phone. Support is fast and available 24/7. It will be faster if you provide your username on our site and all related info. You can text us to US 1-714-253-7438.

VIP customers can also contact us via private phone. We provide support via phone call once you pay. If you dont get the phone number, please send us an email, we will give you the number. Don't forget to provide the username to your VIP account on our site.

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