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How to hack with Facebook ID Number?

Hack Facebook account with Facebook ID is an extra option for people who dont know the login email address, or if the target person login with the tel number.

Step 1: Copy the target account profile URL

Step 2: Go to this tool or this tool to Find Facebook ID Number

Step 3: Come back to the Hack Facebook ID page and enter the Facebook ID Number and some other required info into the hacking form

Step 4: Submit your request, at the end of the process, you will get the login and the password.

This function is just for VIP members who buy Unlimited Hacking Package; so please become our VIP customers in order to use the service.

For the Special Facebook ID:

The Special Facebook ID is the ID of the special Facebook account which is removed, deleted, hidden; or marked as double, reported as spam, under review, temporary unavailable; or has special status such as being locked, disabled, deactivated,... and those account requires a deep security breach process by one of our spies at Facebook administration board.

Only customer who has purchased the Unlimited Hacking Package can hack those special Facebook account.

Please visit our Pricing page to get more info and buy.

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