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How to pay with PayPal?

At the first place, please remember that you only can pay with PayPal when you purchase Unlimited Hacking Package. If you buy Once Package, you are not allowed to pay with PayPal, so please choose another method.

Step 1: Login to your account on our site
Step 2: Go to our pricing page and add the Unlimite Hacking Package to your cart. If you use the coupon code, the price is only $200 USD; if not, it is $400 USD.
Step 3: Pay the $5 Test Payment first to get the “BBCode Test“, click on “Pay $5 Test Payment” button; you will be redirected to the payment page.
Step 4: Once we can verify your payment was sent from your own account and there is no problem with the transaction (takes about 3 days), you will receive an email asking for sending the full amount. Now you can send us the full amount.

Step 5: Let us know about your payment

Step 6: After 14 business days, you will get our notification and you can start your unlimited hack.

Just follow above steps when you are clear about all conditions you need to accept when choosing to pay with PayPal.

Go here to know Full Condition To Pay With PayPal

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