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Step by Step to hack a Facebook account

What you need to have before your hacking:

The email address that the target person uses to login to his Facebook account,
Or the ID Number of that Facebook account.

If you have had the email address, please follow our instruction.

Step 1: Login to your account on our site

Step 2: Go to the Hack Facebook Account section, you will see the hacking form

Step 3: Get the Security Code first, Get a Security Code

Step 4: Complete the hacking form and submit the request

Step 5: At the end of this process, you will get the UFD2 Hash Password; please note that it is not the final password you want to get. It needs to be decrypted.

Note: Decrypting service is a paid service on our site, so your account balance need to have at least $90 USD to hack one password. You can access to our decrypting tool; however, you cannot view the hacked password, thus please buy a package to see it.

Step 6: Go to the pricing page and submit an order

Step 7: Pay us and send us the payment info, we will add money to your account.

Step 8: Come back to our site, login and view the final password

If you dont know the target email address, you can hack with Facebook ID Number, go here to get more details.

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